SUNDAY SCHOOL PODCAST: The main project of the Olam Institute is currently the Engaging Gospel Doctrine (Mormon Sunday School) podcast, which aims to teach a particular body of scripture (in this case Mormon/LDS) in a manner that proves helpful for as diverse an audience as possible. Listeners across a broad spectrum of belief have shared how they find the podcast valuable–from active members of the LDS Church who believe literally in the tenets of Mormonism, to atheists or those of other religious backgrounds who find value in how the lessons apply to the human experience.This podcast serves as an extended demonstration of “Religion better than true”. Believing listeners hear an even more compelling version of their tradition, and non-believing listeners appreciate the goodness and value the tradition potentially holds. In addition, the podcast integrates science and other disciplines into the teaching of a particular religious canon. Thus the podcast can provide material for dialog, appreciation, and respect across a range of perspectives.

RELIGIOUS HUMANISM: On this site we will bring great minds together to shape the future of religion. How would you improve your religion? What is lacking in your life? Who would you pray to in a religion based on popular culture? What would a clergy member wear in an environmentally-based religion? What forward-thinking experts are formulating solutions to the world’s urgent problems? The forums will allow for collaboration around these and a constellation of other questions, answers, and insights as we craft our main product–Religious Humanist denominations. The site will also include a library of essays and recommended resources.