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Devoted Life

Devoted Life Design is a program for workplace wellness built around a “wellness week”. The most common source of workplace stress is that we have too much to do and not enough resources, so Devoted Life Design achieves that holy grail of business and life: better outcomes with fewer resources. Devoted Life Design harnesses human nature to increase well-being and productivity. It takes our daily rituals such as the way we get dressed, eat and drink, or take a shower. Then it uses insights from Social Science to increase the effectiveness of your daily habits to metabolize stress and increase well-being and productivity. Each employee will receive personalized recommendations on how to apply evolutionary insights to their life and work. If you think your team, employer, or business would be interested in hiring us to provide these services, please contact us.

Life Devoted

Life Devoted

Life Devoted embodies our integrated, life-long approach to well-being. Have you ever wanted to be a ninja? I know I did. Or better yet, a warrior monk, like at the Shaolin Temple. Or a superhero. That’s most of us, right? The Life Devoted program is a comprehensive support system to access and empower your better self. The key elements are Discern, Motivate, and Empower. 

Discern. The phrase “Life Devoted” intentionally begs the question… devoted to what? Well, that’s exactly your quest and question. We help you assess your strengths, skills, and passions, your goals and growing edges. What are your key values? What are your sources of inspiration? Together we will craft an efficient approach to thriving, because we use what you already are. 

Motivate. What level of human are you? No, I’m serious. We lob around the terms “level up” and “life hack”, but we can put science beyond these casual phrases. Whether or not you enjoy video games, as a human you are evolved to be sensitive to achievement and status, story and structure. The Life Devoted program gamifies the human experience. With products such as the Realization Deck and Soul Training program, you will be held accountable to your passions and goals, and will level up to your best self. 

Empower. Now that you know who you are, what you want, and are fired up to get it done, you need the resources and support to follow through. The Life Devoted program is built around a Cohort system that will match you with a family of sorts, a group of five to thirteen who will learn and serve together. We will have a range of resources and programs to help you work together to thrive and support each other as you achieve your best, happiest self. 

The Life Devoted program will be accessible through print resources, websites, a mobile app, and eventually a Life Monastery. 

Devoted Life Coaching 

Devoted Life

Devoted Life Coaching provides personal support and guidance for those following the Life Devoted program, or for anyone interested in greater well-being. Jared Anderson is a trained and certified Chaplain with twenty years of educational experience and five years of ministry experience. We will be adding other Wellness Integrators in the future. Contact Jared for a free consultation.


Human Well

Human Well is a book and accompanying podcast under development. The Human Well book is a manual for showing up to your well-designed life with proper form, and outlines approaches to thriving that cannot lose. You win life by putting down the game. The Human Well podcast will model approaches to thriving by sharing inspiring stories and explaining the social science of thriving demonstrated by those sources.